Virtuemart Shipping Estimator

This component allows the shopper to click while on the checkout basket and estimate the shipping costs using the standard shipping module.  The component can also optionally display the total minimum purchase amount to receive free shipping.  If the free shipping is met, a message alerting the client will be displayed.  If the total weight of the purchase is zero, the calculate message will not be displayed.


The unzip package contains three installable files. They should be installed in the following order:

1) JQUERYINTEGRATOR - This Joomla plugin supports COLORBOX for all browsers. After installing this plugin, please access the plugin and turn on the "No Conflict" option. If you are already loading JQuery on your site, you should also set the plugin to not load JQuery. If you are not already loading JQuery, or your other JQuery Joomla plugins allow you to turn off JQuery load, then you can use this plugin to load JQuery for your site.
2) COM_VMSHIPPINGESTIMATOR - This is the primary component. After the component is installed, bring up the component in the Joomla administrator and save the initial configuration to complete the setup. As part of the installation the script administrator/component/virtuemart/html/basket.php is replaced with a script that contains the link to the shipping estimator.

3) Shopping Carts (optional):

If you are using the AJAX option and the Virtuemart mini-cart, you may wish to display a link on your Joomla pages to the allow shoppers to estimate their shipping at any time. The link to the estimator is in a separately installabel module that works with the standard Virtuemart mini-cart.  To use this functionality, install the mod_virtuemart_cart1 from the unzip first package. Position mod_virtuemart_cart1 in the same position but directly below mod_virtuemart_cart.


 To configure the estimator, simply go to VM Estimator under components and select VM Shipping Estimator.

To supress the "Shipping is free if the total order amount is at least" message move spaces to the "Enter Free Ship Message".  This will only appear is there is a Minimum Purchase amount setup for the store. 

Note: the "Enter to Estimate Literal " will only be displayed if the order weight is greater than zero.

The following screen show the optional message that a free shipping is available with a $100 purchase.  If the shopper click on the message "Click Here to Estimate the Shipping Costs" he/she will be shown a lightbox screen asking for the country and zipcode of the buyer. 

If the shopper's purchase qualifies for free shipping, the "click link" will not be displayed.  Instead the configurable message that the minimum is met will display.


The following is the lightbox screen prompting the shopper for his country and zip code.  A default country code can be established.




Once the information is entered the results will be displayed back to the  shopper.


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