Image Swap Module with Lightbox

The Image Swap Module with Lightbox lets you set three images: a default that displays when the page loads, an image that shows on mouseover, and an image that shows when the mouse is moved. Link to a page in a lighbox!
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The Image Swap with Lightbox Module from CorFun shows up to three images in a module position. The first image shows when the page loads. The second image shows when the user mouses over the default image. The third image shows after the mouse is moved off the image. The images can be different sizes, or the module can be used to make them all the same width.

This module is perfect for 'Buy Now' or other call to action buttons. It introduces an interactive quality that will boost sales and improve conversions. The user will see a different message when mousing over the default image, and the third image can remind the user of the call to action just shown. The module will not conflict with other Joomla extensions and is simple to install and configure. Optionally a link can open within a lightbox. This can be very useful for form registrations or even viewing pictures.

See an example below with two images and a lightbox popup. Just mouse over the images to see them change:

Image Swap with Lightbox Popup

Rollover image with lightbox popup

On mouseover, you will see the picture swap to another picture. Mouse off of the picture and you will return to the original picture. This picture could have been different, but for this demo we have the third picture the same as the first. Click on the picture and a lightbox with a video of the Jersey Boys will appear. You can load an image in the lightbox, a page as in this demo, a completely different Website, a form, or anything else that you can get to on the Web!

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Comparison of Different Image Swap Options

CorFun offers three image swap modules.

Image Swap Module - Works with one image set - Default, on mouseover, and after mouseover and one URL. Great for rollover banners and calls to action such as "Buy Now." Very simple, very affordable.

Image Swap Module with Lightbox - Works with one image set - Default, on mouseover, and after mouseover. Can open the URL in a lightbox. Awesome for forms such as registration, videos or other media in a lightbox, external sites that provide information but not take the user from your Website. Can also open the URL in a new window, same as the Image Swap Module.

Image Swap Rollover Menu - Can handle up to 10 images sets - Default, on mouseover, and after mouseover. Can be displayed vertically or horizontally, and can handle up to 10 URLs. These URLs can open in a new window, or in the parent window.


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